Parenting & Counselling Workshop

Parent counseling is a type of psychotherapy that helps parents cope with child-related challenges and difficulties. A variety of issues can arise during parenthood and being a parent can be quite stressful at times. As a parent, there may be times when you struggle to know what approach to take towards child-rearing. At this time we are here to help you out. Innovative Academy includes a variety of psychological strategies, methods, and techniques that can help you work through your child-rearing issues and improve your relationship with your child.

Be Your Child’s Friend and Guide
We have particularly designed and researched workshops for Parents and Teachers which focuses on day to day nurturing of the child. Our principles and methodologies have been successful with parents, and in turn prove that the basic principles of Child Development cut across geographical and cultural boundaries. During counseling, our expert guide to cop up with various problem that you may face as a parent.